TechTalk #1 – Nozzle Size

CEMSA Nozzle Size

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Welcome to CEMSA’s first ever screening of Tech Talk! Our first Tech Tip is directed at High Pressure Nozzles.

What Determines a Nozzle's Size?

Choosing the correct nozzle size is absolutely essential when it comes to purchasing a new High- Pressure Washer.

Therefore, the nozzle size of your gun & lance is determined by the rated pressure (bar) & flow rate (litres per minute) of the high pressure machine. This is why we make use of a chart! (Which you can find below!)

Below is a few featured nozzles that CEMSA brings in from our suppliers in Italy! Such as: P.A SpA & Tecomec.

What if I fit an Incorrect Size?

Choosing the incorrect nozzle size can cause considerable damage to your machine in the long run. (duh!)

An undersized nozzle will stress the unloader. As a result, excess water being forced through by- pass will cause wear on the unloader. Consequently, the operator might also over adjust the pressure of the unit as a result of this stress.

An oversized nozzle will cause a drop in a pressure. Over time, water will slowly wear out the nozzle, creating a larger opening. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you replace ite with every service.

CEMSA's Nozzle Chart

Essential Tips!

  • It is a well- known fact in the industrial cleaning industry that the operating pressure of your machine is determined by the nozzle fitted.
  • This is why you should never try to compensate for wear by tampering with the unloader valve. It is significantly cheaper to replace your nozzle than your whole unit!
  • When you’re sizing your nozzle, always use one size smaller than what is supplied on the chart above!

In conclusion, if you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your nearest CEMSA branch! Tune in next month for a Tech Tip on Oil Discolouring! Psst, you can find it here.

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