UDOR pumps 100% made in Italy.

For the ancient Greeks UDOR was the meaning for Water, that together with Earth, Fire and Air was one of the four Elements where everything began from. The Udor pumps prime Water, they compress it, they give force and power to it, in various volumes and at different pressures, so that it can be used in the most efficient way in many applications and at various latitudes of the world.

In 1966 Gianni Zanasi, the founder of the company, starts to manufacture Diaphragm Pumps for agricultural use, today, after 50 years, the Zanasi family still runs UDOR and takes the wide range of Diaphragm Pumps and Plunger Pumps to extremely high level of performance and quality, reaching all the time new applications and markets.

Today UDOR develops, manufactures, markets, supplies and services Diaphragm Pumps and Plunger Pumps for pumping water, including chemical-added water. The UDOR production covers now over 50 models of Diaphragm Pumps (from 2 to 6 cylinders) and over 150 models of Plunger Pumps (from 3 to 6 plungers). The pumps are designed to ensure reliability and long life. They constantly improve the products to guarantee quality and upgrade performance.

The products are developed to be incorporated into various kinds of pumping systems such as: Agricultural Sprayers, High Pressure Washers, Water Cleaners, Fire Fighting Systems, Deicing Equipment, Reverse Osmosis systems, Misting equipment, Lawn Care Sprayers and others.

UDOR had a 85% growth in revenue during the last 10 years and 5% of their revenue are invested in R&D.

Plunger Pumps are positive displacement pumps where the reciprocating action of ceramic plungers allows fluid to go through check valves in and out of a pressure chamber. Water seals are made out of special materials and shapes to ensure maximum reliability and long life under stressful conditions.

The mechanical part and the fluid end of the pumps are designed to handle high load and high pressure. Our Plunger Pumps are generally driven by electric and hydraulic motors, engines and truck PTO, they handle fl ow from 4 to 400 l/min (1 to 100 GPM) and pressure from 0 to 1500 bar (0 to 22000 PSI).

Source: http://www.udor.it

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