Training At CEMSA

Training At CEMSA

At Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing South Africa we believe that knowledge is key. This is why we emphasize training and product knowledge so much. Therefore, today’s article highlights what we do when it comes to teaching our staff.

Recruitment in general is no easy task. Finding suitable candidates is a process that requires enormous amounts of patience and empathy. It becomes even more complicated when it comes to technically inclined fields.

There aren’t any  colleges that teach people about high-pressure washers. Or schools that show you how to repair a burnt-out  vacuum motor. Therefore, the best you can hope for is a naturally technical person who can be taught . This is where our training comes in.

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Sales Training

Although, we have no formalized training plan, CEMSA staff are well-versed in their range. Every Friday one of our qualified Sales Representatives prepares a training plan for that day. We allocate a machine, topic or concept and anybody who likes can show up!

A 1 hour training sessions was hosted to celebrate the arrival our new Gaomei Floor Scrubbers. Some of our top specialists took the stage and demonstrated how the machines work. From highlighting the different models, to teaching where to sell them to.

This intricate level of engagement helps staff to be more confident in their product knowledge. And in turn provide a better solution to their customers.

Technical Training

Ask anybody in the high-pressure or industrial cleaning industry, this field is super technical. Which is exactly why our technicians are taught by our most experienced staff members. From day one they are taught how to disassemble and reassemble a pump, how to repair a machine and much more.

Our new members are inter-changed between both the workshop and assembly department. This gives them a broad overview of the range. In workshop they learn how to diagnose and repair a machine. Then, in assembly they will learn how a brand new model is put together. The combination of these two departments gives our staff the upper-hand when it comes to one of CEMSA’s core pillars, after-sales service!

Hence, I understand why our friends in black and yellow want our staff members so badly 🤔

In March of 2021, our Dealer Sales Representative Trevor Cooper hosted a training day for a few of his dealers. Attendees included K&D Mining, Mogaro MPS, Kransberg Engineering and GESTech Distributors. One week of intensive training at an intermediate level was provided. This involves a broader approach that encompasses the entire range. In the advanced course you are taught more technical aspects. For example,  how a pump generates pressure.


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