TechTalk #9- Floor Scrubber Maintenance

CEMSA Floor Scrubber Maintenance

Regular maintenance is absolutely essential when it comes to Floor Scrubbers. In doing so, your machine’s life span will increase drastically. But, how can you look after your machine properly? Keep reading to find out!


It is a common fact that regular maintenance can increase your floor scrubber’s lifespan, reduce operating costs & increase productivity! Often we ask is it really necessary to maintain our machines daily? Well, do you need to maintain your car? Does it consistently require petrol/ diesel, oil and services? If your answer is yes, (which it probably is) then the same applies to your floor scrubber!


Tip #1- Sweep!

It is absolutely essential that you not only sweep, but also pick up any large bits of plastic, paper and trash! Once you’ve done this you can come in with your IPC 510M Sweeper. At this point, most of the dirt that would have gotten stuck in your Floor Scrubber’s vacuum pipes has been removed. Not doing so can result in damage to the vacuum pipes, reducing efficiency.

Remember, even though floor scrubbers require less maintenance when compared to a pressure wash, they still have to be looked after. Therefore, small things such as sweeping first can help prolong its lifespan!

Tip #2: Chemical

When it comes to chemicals with your Floor Scrubber, there is no cutting corners. Using the incorrect chemical can result in your machine’s vacuum motor burning out. That is why it is absolutely essential that you always use a low- foam detergent. This, along with the correct dilution ratios are key to ensuring that your machine is well looked after.

But how does the chemical I use affect my machine? As a result, using the incorrect chemical will create foam in the recovery tank. This results in the vacuum motor of your Floor Scrubber getting wet and in turn, breaking.

[Tip #3: Essential Info!

  • Did you know that the squeegee blades on IPC’s floor scrubbers can be inverted up to FOUR ways? This innovation helps to maximize the lifespan on this essential part of the unit. Remember to keep them clean to avoid any wear on the blades, do the same for the scrubbing brush!
  • Never charge your batteries unnecessarily as this could affect their lifespan. If you are using lead acid batteries make sure they are always topped up with quality water. On top of that, always use the correct charger for your batteries!
  • If you are using a cabled floor scrubber, ensure that the cable is in good condition and never use coiled extension leads or undersized power cables.
  • Washing out the recovery tank and in tank filters with clean water after every use will prevent bacteria build- up and bad odour.
  • Finally, DO NOT wash your floor scrubber with any high- pressure equipment. The water could penetrate the electrical components or motor and cause your machine to fail.

If you have any questions or would like to make an inquiry, please feel free to contact your nearest CEMSA branch via our contact page. From there we will be happy to put you through to one of our authorized distributors. If you would like to apply to become a distributor, kindly visit us here.

This is our last Tech Talk for the year of 2019! Join us in 2020 for #10! Seasons Greetings and New Year!


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