TechTalk #7- Leaking O- Rings

CEMSA Leaking O-Rings

Welcome to this month’s Tech Talk. In today’s video the topic of discussion is all about maintaining your O- Rings. But before we get into it, there is one important question we have to answer:

What is an O- Ring?

According to Wikipedia, an o- ring is defined as: "A mechanical gasket in the shape of a torus, it is a loop of elastomer with a round cross- section designed to be seated in a groove and compressed during assembly between two or more parts, creating seal at the interface."

Basically, an 0- ring is a piece of rubber that:

  • prevents key points in mechanical assembly from leaking
  • seals off certain areas and in the case of high- pressure pumps, it maintains that pressure!
  • is essential to keeping your unit running to it’s full potential!

What happens if I don’t replace my O- Rings?

But what if yours are damaged or leaking? And what effect does it have on your high pressure pump? These are all questions that are answered in this months video below! (PS, you can also find it here)

Your gun and pump can be damaged by a leaking O- Ring, which also causes unnecessary leaks. Therefore, if your O- Rings are not repaired, the unloader could seize. In turn, causing permanent damage to your high- pressure pump. Keep in mind that replacing your o- ring is significantly cheaper than replacing anything else on your unit.

Where can I get O- Rings?

But where can I find this miracle piece of rubber you might ask? Well, we at Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing South Africa (CEMSA) happen to stock spares and accessories for each and every unit that we import (IPC Italy) and manufacture ourselves!

If you believe your o- rings to be damaged, please contact the nearest dealer or CEMSA branch in your area and we will be glad to assist!

Tune in next month for tips on Unloader Valves and some essential information when it comes to maintaining them!

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