TechTalk #6 – 50 Hour Oil Change

CEMSA 50 Hour Oil Change

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Welcome to this month’s Tech Talk. Today’s video & article centers around the 50 hour oil- change for your high- pressure pump. We will be going over why it is essential as well as the consequences of neglecting it.


We import a wide range of pumps to suit your application, from suppliers all over Italy, including:

With such a wide range of pumps and spares to match, CEMSA sets the trend. From special builds to your common car- wash pressure washer, your oil is absolutely essential!

If you would like more information on the supplier, their link is provided on their name!

Why 50 Hours?

It is absolutely essential that change your high- pressure pump’s oil after the first 50 hours of operation. As this helps to flush out any manufacturing sediment that may have built up. If you don’t change your oil after the first 50 hours that sediment in the pump will damage the bearings which leads to premature pump failure.

This ensures that your unit is kept in good condition. It will also ensure a good lifespan on your pump and unit as a whole. Remember, failing to bring your unit for its services can void your warranty!

What Happens after my 50 Hours?

We’ve got good news for you from here, after the first 50 hour oil change, it is recommended that you change your oil every 300-500 operations hours. Most of the sediment would have left the pump by now and the machine is all warmed up and ready to keep you going for years! (Assuming you treat it well!)

Tune in next month for our video on why it is ESSENTIAL to take action when you have a leaking o-ring. You can find it here.

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