TechTalk #5- Storing the 510M Sweeper

CEMSA Storing The 510M Sweeper

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Welcome to this month’s Tech Talk! Today is centered around storing your 510M IPC Sweeper.

Why A Manual Sweeper?

Many people do not see the value of investing in a floor sweeper such as our 510M. Little do they know that it is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to maintaining cleanliness in and outside your building. The 510M is:

  • incredibly efficient
  • easy to use
  • ergonomic and
  • requires no maintenance at all.

Even though it requires no maintenance, there are a few key tips that you need to do to maximize the lifespan of your sweeper when it comes to storing it.

Sweeping Pro- Tips!

Even though this article centers around storing your 510M Sweeper, we will also be going over some more general tips for the sake of context, and content.

You should always ensure that any string, packaging tape and large objects are collected by hand before you operate your sweeper. (You can use a vacuum for this step as well!) Consequently, not doing so can result in these items getting stuck in the brush or gears and in turn, damaging parts that will need to be replaced.

The travel speed at which the operator moves will determine the effectiveness of the sweeper. Moving too fast will cause the gears to slip, resulting in the bristles not picking up the necessary dirt. Keep a moderate speed to maintain a long lasting durability on the operational parts.

Storing Your 510M

To avoid any damage to our sweeper’s brush bristles, life the side brush up during storage. Leaving it down creates unnecessary tension on the bristles, which may lead to them being worn down. The same applies to the main brush inside the sweeper. Rotate the adjustable- knob anti- clockwise when you store the unit. This will lift the main brush off the ground and extend its usability. Don’t forget to re- adjust it when you use the unit again!

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