TechTalk #3 – Vacuum Sani Filters

CEMSA Vacuum Sani-Filters

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Good day and welcome back to our third episode of Tech Talk! Today we will be going over our Vacuum Sani- Filters!

CEMSA imports a wide range of vacuum cleaners including:

  • Dry Application Vacuums
  • Wet & Dry Application Vacuums
  • Industrial Vacuums
  • Specialized Vacuums &
  • Economy Range Vacuums

PS: If you want to view our full range of vacuums, you can click the link here

What Makes our Vacuums so Special?

Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing South Africa imports most of our vacuums from our supplier in Italy, IPC. As a result of their constant innovations their products are always evolving. For both the customer and the cleaning equipment industry. One of their vacuum innovations is the SaniFilter.

  A SaniFilter treats the vacuum filter with antibacterial silver ions that destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, fungus, viruses and microparasitesy inhibiting their proliferation.

IPC SaniFilters are certified according to the JIS L 1902:2008 International Standard both with Staphylococcus Aureus & Klebsiella Pneumoniaes.

Furthermore, the SaniFilter is certified to prevent bacteria and harmful micro- organisms from reproducing within your vacuum. Above all, keeping you, your family and your client safe! In addition to this, it is also colourless, odorless and does not contain any volatile organic compounds.

How do you Clean the SaniFilter?

Firstly, DO NOT wash your SaniFilter with water of any sort. As a result, doing so would strip the filter of it’s antibacterial properties. Therefore the best (and frankly the only) way to clean your SaniFilter is as such:

  • Clean the outside with a soft brush as a hard one could damage the fabric that the filter is made of, alternatively,
  • Blow air from the inside of the filter using a compressor

You can view a wide range of hygiene brushware here

If you have any questions or inquiries please feel free to contact your nearest CEMSA branch! Tune in next month for an explanation on our K1 Unloader Valve! (Psst, its been released, you can view it here )

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