TechTalk #20 – Floor Scrubber Batteries

CEMSA Tech Talk #20 Floor Scrubbers

A warm welcome to our November and final edition of TechTalk! This month is all about festivity and your floor scrubber batteries. Long gone are the days of a mop and bucket. You won’t know the convenience of a floor scrubber until you’ve tried one for yourself. Contact us for a demo today! Contact page or call us on 012 004 1246.

After consulting multiple articles in an attempt to find the history of floor scrubbers, it is safe to say that it is shrouded in mystery. The general consensus is that they were introduced around the middle of the 20th century. This was to meet demands of larger warehouses and floor space as the traditional mop and bucket was quickly becoming tedious. (And still is)

From there rpms were increased, walk-behinds were introduced and water-saving technology was implemented to reach where we are today.

Today’s article gives you some key tips for maintaining the batteries on your floor scrubber.

Fully Charge Your Scrubber Batteries

When it comes to batteries, we refer to their lifespan in cycles. One cycle is equal to whenever your battery is depleted after being charged. Whether you charged your battery to 100%, or 50% when it becomes depleted, you have completed one cycle of your batteries.

This is why we always recommended that you charge your batteries to 100% before unplugging the machine and using it. If you only charge your floor scrubber to 50% every time the battery dies, you will essentially lose half of the lifetime expected on the machine’s batteries.

Deplete Your Scrubber Batteries

In the same sense that you should always charge your floor scrubber batteries fully, you also need to make sure you deplete them as much as possible before setting them aside for the next day. This once again has to do with your battery’s cycles and the longevity of them.

Program Your Scrubber to the Correct Battery Type

Just like most things these days, the technology available to us is constantly evolving. Some may call it over-complicated whereas others might argue that the convenience is unmatched. Regardless, if applicable to you and your machine, ensure that your scrubber is programmed to the correct battery type. This just ensures longevity and prevents unnecessary damage.

A Few Words...

Creating these blogs, videos and posts has been such an insightful, and although trying- gratifying experience. I hope that all this content serves you in the way that it has served me. Learning the industrial cleaning equipment industry is no easy feat, so I take pride in knowing that I’ve (hopefully) made it easier for the next person. Gone are the days of passing on knowledge through word-of-mouth 🙂

Stick around while I now venture deep into our endless spares, machines and accessories pages. I will be updating all of them with relevant information to the product for your convenience.

In Conclusion

CEMSA boasts a wide range of floor scrubbers to suit any application! We also stocks a wide variety of spares and accessories including floor scrubber batteries and any other parts you might need! If you would like to apply to become a distributor, kindly visit us here. If you have any questions or would like to make an inquiry, please feel free to contact your nearest CEMSA branch via our contact page.

With December around the corner, it falls on us as South Africans (and the world) to respect each other enough to wear a mask, maintain social distancing and avoid unnecessary crowds. Stay safe during your holidays this year and remember that we need to protect those with underlying conditions. Check out the WHO’s website for more info.

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