TechTalk #2 – Oil Colour Change

CEMSA Oil Discolouring

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Welcome to this month’s Tech Talk. In today’s video we will be addressing oil discolouring and telling you how to prevent, as well as fix it! First off, why is oil so essential in your high- pressure pump?

Oil in a High- Pressure Pump

Oil is absolutely essential in a high- pressure pump as it provides lubrication to:

  • the crankshaft
  • connecting rods &
  • the bearings

It also cools the gear end to prevent the pump from over- heating. You should always check the colour of the oil in your high- pressure pump. Remember, you don’t have to empty the oil to see its colour! Your pump comes equipped with both an inspection window & an oil level dipstick.

What Colour should my Oil be?

The oil in your high- pressure pump should be clear in the inspection window. Any discolouring (As shown in the video) indicates that the oil has been contaminated by water & therefore should be disposed of immediately & replaced. The milkier the oil is, the more water it has come into contact with & the more urgently

As more water leaks into the oil, it becomes ‘milkier.’ The milkier the oil is, the more serious the leak in the pump is. This could be a result of a cracked piston, or even a damaged/ broken o- ring. If you suspect it to be your o- ring, you can watch our video on o- rings here and read our article on them here.

Should you fail to replace the oil, all the parts mentioned above would not get enough lubrication, in turn causing serious pump- failure.

If you would like more information on CEMSA’s range of pumps, you can view them on our website.

An exampled of discoloured or 'milky' oil

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact any one of our authorized dealers or a CEMSA branch near you!

Stick around for next months article (and video!) on our Vacuum Sani Filters!

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