TechTalk #16- How To Check Your Pump’s Oil Level

CEMSA how to check your pumps oil levels

Your high- pressure pump’s oil can be considered as the most essential component within your pump! Without it, there would be no lubrication for the pump shafts. The seals in your pump will go next due to the increase of friction. And finally, your connecting rod will seize which inevitably leads to total pump- failure.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you know how to check the oil level in your pump! If you would like to know the right level or are simply just looking for how to check it, then read on!

Emptying Old Oil

You may need to replace your pumps oil due to it being too old, or the fact that there is water contaminating it. If you suspect that there may be water in your oil, read our article on it here. (Telltale signs include a milky colour to your oil, the milkier it is, the more water has contaminated it.) Your oil may also need a change after its first 50 hours or after 300-500 operating hours.

The first step involves removing the lower plug and draining your old oil into a bucket. (Make sure to dispose of it properly!) Ensure that it empties completely by tilting the pump slowly. Check the level window to make sure that your oil is completely drained. When you are done, replace the cap.

Refilling New Oil

Now comes the easy part! You can refill your oil via the dipstick at the top of your pump. This can also be used to check the level of your oil! Although, the window is often more reliable and easier to see. Once the dipstick is removed, you can use a funnel to fill your pump up with new oil! Make sure that you fill it up slowly until it reaches halfway along the window. If you overfill your pump, it could leak  and you would have to drain more oil. Using a high- quality oil is a must. Why did you buy an expensive pump just to put budget oil in it? You don’t full a Lamborghini with cooking oil!

CEMSA stocks a wide variety of spares and accessories including any parts you may need to repair your pump. From seals to pistons, we have it all! This, along with our network of dealers means that we can repair your pump any day of the year.

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Stay safe in these trying times! CEMSA stands with social distancing and are doing our utmost to not only implement the necessary measures, but also to provide the market with what is needed to ensure everyone’s safety. Take a look at our sanitizing unit that we have developed here. You can also read our blog in it here.

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