TechTalk #13- Pulsation Dampeners

CEMSA Pulsation Dampener

Welcome back to our April edition of TechTalk all about Pulsation Dampeners! Although they can appear uncommon, Pulsation Dampeners are actually high in demand. This demand is dependent on the industry, but more on that later! Today’s blog post will highlight a few key points about this ‘magical device’ such as:

  • What is a Pulsation Dampener?
  • What does it do?
  • Where would I use it?

What is a Pulsation Dampener?

A Pulsation Dampener is an accumulator with a set pre- charge that absorbs system shock while minimizing pulsations, pipe vibration, water hammering & pressure fluctuations.

Now, that definition can be a bit overbearing, but fret not! What this basically means is that this device absorbs any shock or vibrations caused by your machine! Hence the name; ‘Pulsation Dampener’ as it Dampens Pulsations! This device has developed & changed a lot over the years as the demand for a more powerful device has increased. Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing South Africa (CEMSA) source our Pulsation Dampeners from Tecomec in Italy! This is because of our commitment to quality that you have come to know and love!


What Does It Do and Where Would I Use It?

So, we know that a pulsation dampener absorbs vibrations. But, where would you use it? Fixed lines or units are ideal for this piece of equipment! This is because it decreases the wear on both your line and pump! When installing car washes with fixed pipework, the vibration from the machine can often cause these lines to rattle and become loose. This eventually leads to pipework falling off the walls and possibly damaging your unit. A pulsation dampener will minimize this vibrations, prolonging your machine and piping’s lifespan!


CEMSA stocks a wide variety of spares and accessories including pulsation dampeners suited just for your application!

If you would like to apply to become a distributor, kindly visit us here.

If you have any questions or would like to make an inquiry, please feel free to contact your nearest CEMSA branch via our contact page.

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