TechTalk #11- Hot Water Pressure Washer Fuel Maintenance

CEMSA hot water fuel maintenance

Welcome back to this month’s TechTalk all about the fuel in your Hot Water Pressure Washer! In today’s article we will be going over some essential information for your unit. Maintaining your hot water unit is as important as regular services are for a vehicle. One aspect of its maintenance involves it’s fuel tank and the diesel that goes into it.

The high temperature that water can reach in hot water machines makes them particularly suitable to clean complex and difficult to reach engines or other machinery, where grease and other oils must be removed efficiently (automotive sector). (Source: IPC Italy)

What is a Hot Water High Pressure Washer?

A hot water pressure washer consists of an electric motor connected with a high pressure pump. (motor-pump assembly) As well as a boiler that heats up pressurized water. A load-bearing structure holds the main components of the machine. This includes a tank that fuels the boiler, detergent (low foam always!) and water circuitry to feed the high pressure pump. Along with an electrical control panel and other devices required by the boiler. (Source: IPC Italy)

Due to the nature of this machine and the high temperatures that the water in it can reach (Up to 140°C!) hot water units can be more complicated to maintain than your typical pressure washer. This is due to parts of the unit such as its exhaust and boiler. Therefore, our articles around them will be more focused on a specific aspect of the units! (In this case the fuel that goes into it)


Essential Maintenance

Although, it may seem obvious, it is of top priority that you keep your fuel container free from any water and/or chemical. Any substance/ liquid other than the correct diesel can cause serious damage to your machine. The kind of damage that warranty does not cover… Contaminated fuel can cause the filter to block. This in turn, can create premature boiler problems within your unit. Allowing dirt into your container can cause a build- up of carbon soot. This soot melts the coil covers as well as the coil due to overheating of the boiler.

Fortunately, CEMSA stocks a wide variety of spares and accessories for our range of Hot Water Pressure Washers.

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