TechTalk #10- Pressure Washer Water Filters

CEMSA Pressure washer water filter tips

Welcome back to this month’s TechTalk all about Water Filters and your high- pressure cleaner! In today’s article we will be going over 3 quick tips and tricks for one of the most essential parts of your unit; water supply and the filters that follow!

Before jumping into all the technical stuff, we first have to ensure that we know exactly what an inline water filter is!

An inline water filter works by becoming part of a particular water supply. (In this case your high- pressure washer water supply) It is attached directly to the water- supply line BEFORE the pump to filter out any solids, dirt or potentially harmful substances.

Tip #1- Always Use an Inline Filter! (duh)

Although it may seem obvious, ensuring that you have a filter on your unit is the most obvious, and necessary step to keeping your high- pressure washer in good condition. Without one, small, solid particles such as fine sand can get into your pump. If left for long enough, this can cause significant damage to your pump.

On the other hand, bigger particles such as plastic or stones can lead to the valves on the low- pressure intake of your pump not closing properly. This forces high- pressure water down to the intake which could cause your pump to violently fail.

It is due to these reasons that most standard high- pressure washer filters have filtering screens of between 200 & 400 micron.

Tip #2: Filter Flow Rate

It is also recommended that you choose a filter with a rated flow 2-3 times more than the pump requires. This is especially true if you have doubts about the quality of your water supply. If your filter is blocked, it becomes harder for the water to flow through to your pump. So, since there is more surface area, there is less to worry about! A larger filter will also allow a larger volume of water to flow through your line. Therefore your pump has a lower chance of being starved of water.

Tip #3- Clean Your Filter!

Just because its designed to prevent dirt from entering your pump, doesn’t mean that its a miracle machine. It still needs to be checked & cleaned regularly. This is why we recommend our transparent filters. Not having to open it up once a day saves you more time than you realise!

We advise that you check your water filters at least once a day. And more if you’re worried about the water quality. This is especially true if you work on- site as you never know how good or bad it could be!

Consequently, not cleaning out your water filter regularly can lead to blockages, which would cause your pump to starve! Fortunately, CEMSA stocks a wide variety of inline water- filters which you can find here.

If you have any questions or would like to make an inquiry, please feel free to contact your nearest CEMSA branch via our contact page. From there we will be happy to put you through to one of our authorized distributors. If you would like to apply to become a distributor, kindly visit us here.

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