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What follows over the next few blogs on our website is a compilation of CEMSA’s most trusted suppliers. Read on to find out more about the history of the companies that make us what we are, and give you the quality that you know!

 This article is all about Ramex, the supplier of our Hose Reels.


Ramex was founded in 1994 in Albinea, Italy, but her story starts many years before. At the end of the 1960’s Alfredo Ruozi, father of Franco and Leonardo, was working in his small turning workshop. Above all, he was dreaming to create a company where, one day, his sons can work and grow up. After a few years his dream came true and the first company of the group, Flexbimec, was founded.

In 1974, Franco and Leonardo soon took over. Thereafter, 20 years later, they decided to acquire a company that was producing stainless steel tools for the food industry. The company’s name was Ramec and the brothers decided to change it to Ramex.

But what was the newborn Ramex supposted to do? The Brothers Ruozi had an idea. Emilia Romagna, their home region, is the homeland of Parmigiano Reggiano. Consequently, they knew that the dairies where the Parmigiano cheese was produced constantly needed to be cleaned.

The hoses at that time were running freely on the floor. As a result of this, the area was dangerous, for the safety of the workers as well as the integrity of the hoses. However, they had the solution. Ramex started to produce Hose Reels. 25 years later, it is still the core product of the company and the reason why Ramex is now known all over the world.


To be the best supplier of hose reels and cleaning accessories on the market, giving our customers a solution as quickly as possible and trying to be a real partner.


To be the best producer in our industry always trying to be the most innovative, the most recognized and the most popular around the world.

All our products are designed and developed to last and to give a support and an incentive to the daily work quality

We want to offer a complete range of products, such that there is an accessory suitable for all types of applications

We have a hunger for innovation and improvement. Desire to grow and to give a real service to our customers, in order to be the best in what we do. Ramex Hose Reels are the symbol of this identity.

RAMEX is a world leading supplier and developer of accessories and solutions within the cleaning and tooling sectors. After more than 23 years RAMEX is producing hundreds of types high quality reels and cleaning accessories for all applications, exporting worldwide and becoming a global leading brand.

Source: Ramex, Italy

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