TST Sweden offers a broad range of protective equipment with technically advanced features, a high level of comfort and quality. All their hand-manufactured personal protective equipment is European CE certified.

The Dyneema® fiber is 15 times stronger than quality steel of the same thickness and is a key component in achieving strong but yet comfortable clothing.

3-layer functional overall which is CE-certified for protection against High Pressure Cleaning and tested for high-pressure hydraulic fluid. Excellent for the toughest conditions! Lined for high comfort. Water- and dirt repellant outside. Openable ventilation in the armpit, waterproof cuffs, adjustable hood.

* Gloves and boots are sold separately

Waterproof glove with protection for up to 500 bar pressure. The glove has a rough, sand patterned surface and the material itself provides lots of friction, all for the best grip on tools. Generous cuff for easy donning. Supplied with separate inner gloves in nylon for extra comfort. The glove has also been tested and classified with the highest values in the following categories, cut protection, abrasion, tear, and puncture.

Protective boots are CE-certified for pressurized liquids and tested for high-pressure hydraulic fluid! Waterproof working and protective boots with protection for up to 500 bar! The boots are professionally designed for hours and hours of hard work, in harsh environments.

The gun is held near vital parts of the body and hoses break, often near couplings and connections like on the gun. Be safer with a Hose Protection. It has been tested for 500 bar. The Hose Protection provides effective protection for the operator, in the event of a hose burst.