High-Pressure Washer Lance Lengths

High-Pressure Lance Length Blog

Welcome to today’s blog where we will be briefly covering the different lance lengths you get. High-pressure washers can be complicated, but determining the length of your lance is fairly simple. Read on to learn more and to take a look at the range we offer. Please note that this blog only covers up to 350 bar machines. Thereafter, we use different guns and lances to withstand the pressure and flow.

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The Different Types of Lances

Throughout our range, we feature both mild and stainless steel lances. With the mild steel obviously being the cheaper option. There are more technical specifications between the two types that are ascertained at a later stage. For now though, we’re going to focus on their lengths!

500mm Lance

Calling all car-washes! This size is the baby for you! Coming in at half a metre long, the 500mm high-pressure lance is perfect for hosing down cars. Due to the confined spaces of a car-wash we always recommend the 500mm. This improves comfort for the operator while also prevent any oopsies on your customer’s pride and joy. The 500mm is also easier to handle and can be used with one hand. You will most commonly find this gun and lance on our ideal car-wash unit, the PWF. This lance is only available in a mild steel version.

700mm Lance

Our newest addition to the range is our 700mm lance. Although, it is only used on one machine, its presence is essential. The perfect middle-ground between too long and too short. Our 700mm comes with the PWB, be it the trolley or stationary version. We have no special reason for this other than the fact that it fits perfectly! Ideal for home & garden, this baby will keep both your driveway and your car sparkling!

900mm Lance

Finally, the big boy of the sub 350 bar family. The 900mm high-pressure lance is what you will find on most of our entry-mid level units. It features on machines such as the PWS, the PWM and our Petrol and Diesel units. This lance, along with 700mm has an angle towards the end where the nozzle sits. This assists with controlling the gun and helps to clean hard-to-reach areas. Available in both a mild and stainless steel version, this is the bread and butter of high-pressure washing.

To sum it up (and bonus tips), any stationary car-wash machine is fitted with the 500mm lance. Once we get to 200 bar 15 litres a minute,  we consider it to be a truck wash machine. These are fitted with a 900mm lance as standard. This remains the case until we reach 350 bars of pressure. At this pressure rating we switch to a 350 bar lance  and the same goes for 500 bars. This is for obvious health and safety reasons. At 500 bar the strength of the machine is so high we fix additional grips and optional shoulder mounts.

We hope that you found this article helpful, check back next month for a post about whats being going on behind CEMSA’s doors!

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High-Pressure Lance Length Blog

High-Pressure Washer Lance Lengths

Welcome to today’s blog where we will be briefly covering the different lance lengths you get. High-pressure washers can be complicated, but determining the length