Our range of Haug hygiene hand brushes is available in soft,  and hard synthetic bristles that effectively trap dust and dirt, minimizing airborne particles during sweeping. 

Hygiene brushes are commonly used in various environments to remove dust, debris, and dirt, promoting cleanliness and preventing the spread of germs and contaminants.

SIZE – 200mm x 125mm x 105mm


SIZE – 350mm x 222mm x 110mm


SIZE – 205mm x 65mm x 55mm


SIZE – 310mm x 40mm x 90mm


SIZE – 260mm x 72mm x 55mm


SIZE – 310mm x 40mm x 90mm


SIZE – 400mm x 48mm x 70mm


08301 – 210mm x35mm x2mm
08302 – 225mm x50mm x3mm
08303 – 230mm x70mm x4mm

SIZE – 255mm xØ70mm x60mm


08300 – 210mm x35mm x2mm
08310 – 225mm x50mm x3mm
08320 – 230mm x70mm x4mm 

SIZE – 90mm x Ø120mm

SIZE – 110mm x Ø37mm

SIZE – 510mm x270mm x270mm