Looking To Become a Distributor?

Our mission to commit all our talent and energy to developing innovative equipment to solve our customers needs. Consistently remaining the leaders in this industry for others to follow, while maintaining the highest standards of quality at all times. Ensuring our staff are always trained with the latest information, allowing them to become professionals in the cleaning equipment field.

CEMSA has built up a customer base of over 60 resellers, distributors, retailers and workshops who support our business and believe in our vision. With a countrywide footprint, you can enjoy the benefit of dealing with a CEMSA representative in 3 major cities within South Africa (Pretoria, Cape Town and Pietermartizburg).

Our objectives are to stay abreast of all market trends, seize all viable business opportunities and to find new and innovative ways to better empower our customers to be more successful when conducting their own business.

If you are in the cleaning industry and want to join our family, or need any of our products or expertise for equipment you produce, drop us a mail and one of our product specialists will contact you. We also develop tailor made equipment to suit customers needs or business ideas, from misting systems to dustbin cleaners we are here to help you make a success of your next project.


Benefit from personalised pricing structures tailored to your business's unique focus areas and target markets.

We manufacture the largest range of of cold and hot water high pressure cleaners and trailers.

CEMSA stocks a huge volume of cleaning equipment, spares and accessories, meaning that you don't have to.

Access to personalised pricing available through our distributor portal: CEM-Connect.


After Sales Service

Have a workshop and/or on-road technicians able to install and service equipment.

Active Sales Force

Have an active sales force promoting and driving sales of equipment and spares.

Stock Holding

Keep a stock hold of common spares and accessories.

Monthly Target

Meet minimum monthly targets that are determined based on your area and other varaibles.


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