Car & truck-wash solutions

CEMSA manufactures and sources specialized equipment ideal for the automotive industry. From systems for oil companies to car dealerships and many more. Our systems and machines are renowned for their reliability and value for money within the automotive industry as a whole.

Our network of dealers source the equipment from us, who then install it alongside a designated builder at your site should you need one. We are also able to offer repairs and services for your machines. Below are some essentials you will need for your car wash.

The most integral part of every car wash! 

It is not only more efficient to use a high-pressure washer, but they also use less water compared to traditional hosepipes. Strong streams of water from a high-pressure machine are better at breaking up tough dirt like road grime, bird droppings, insects, tree sap and caked-on mud. A pressure washer also speeds up and improves the effectiveness of the final rinse.

We offer a variety of machines for this application, with the most common being our stationary cold-water machine, the PWF. (Shown below)

If you’re going to be washing the outside of cars, you’re probably also going to need to clean the inside.

We provide both an entry level and premium range of vacuum cleaners for car washes. The CCV 2/60 GA is ideal as it comes with all the accessories you need to vacuum a car. (Shown below)

The key to a successful car wash is having a variety of services to offer.

Carpet cleaning machines are ideal for offering valet and other intensive cleaning solutions. Wow your customers by cleaning up the years of dirt and grime you don’t typically see on a car!

Our CPE (CEMSA Premium Extractor) 2/62 GA is ideal for this type of application.

As great as a high-pressure washer is on its own, with the right accessories, it is even better!

Complete your setup with built-in foamers such as our CDR foam lance. This attachment screws onto the end of your gun and allows you to foam down the car you’re washing. 

This not only saves you from having to manually apply the soap, but it also looks impressive to the customer! 

The CDR Foam Bottle is but one of our many foaming solutions, contact us if you’d like to find out which is best for you.