About us

Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing SA

CEMSA have been at the forefront of innovative high pressure equipment design for the past sixteen years, and today are one of the leaders in the production of this type of equipment.

Our design division is committed to constantly improving the quality of our products from a mechanical and electrical perspective. This has resulted in us having one of the best in-house manufacturing, assembly, electrical design and build facilities for this type of equipment in South Africa.

We design, manufacture and build the biggest range of cold and hot water high pressure cleaners, trailer mount jetting units and “Clean In Place” installations in this country, and export to a number of countries in Africa.

Global Sourcing
Global sourcing of superior quality industrial cleaning equipment, spares and accessories.
Manufacturing the biggest range of cold and hot water high pressure cleaners and trailers units.
Distribution across the African continent through our approved CEMSA distributors.
Large Stock Holding
Large stock holding of cleaning equipment, spares and accessories.
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To commit all our talent and energy to developing innovative equipment to solve our customers needs. Consistently remaining the leaders in this industry for others to follow, while maintaining the highest standards of quality at all times.

Ensuring our staff are always trained with the latest information, allowing them to become professionals in the cleaning equipment field.

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To create a brand that is synonymous with quality cleaning equipment. Having a relationship with our customer built on trust, backed with professional service and, technical support


A brief history


Most people would recognise CEMSA as being a relatively young and vibrant company, having established its roots within its sister company MaPa Cleaning Technologies.

Our true history however, goes back nearly 30 years!

First established in 1989, CEMSA began locally manufacturing high pressure cleaners out of a small workshop based in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Some of the ideas and concepts used, are still buried in the DNA of the more modern machines today.

Since the reintroduction of the brand, we have been amazed by the calls we have had from clients still using some of the machines. One in particular called in looking for a replacement valve for a unit he had had for 26 years!

Our logo still remains with us, and in truth was the inspiration for the MaPa elephant which has become a recognisable figure in that company’s branding.

Today CEMSA are at the forefront, leading the industry with innovation, creative thinking and technology. We are an ever evolving company, proud to be South African, and proud to be the best we can be!